Student Research


Professor Kim currently advises seven doctoral students. One of his goals in advising them is to help them become successful a researcher and scholar. Thus, teaching ways of conducting scholarly research is the most important part of advising students when he meets students every week individually. Most of his past advisees and postdocs became professors.

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Doctoral Student Research Topics

Ecological qualities and aesthetic preferences of urban riparian landscapes in arid regions, a visual choice experiment

Contemporary Spatial Public-ness: Its Recognition, Awareness, and Utilitarian Possibilities

What’s @urban public spaces: Social media content analysis for sense of place and place identity 

Exploring Education for Sustainability in Landscape Architecture

Multifamily Housing Preference in TOD (Transit-Oriented Development)

Brownfield Regeneration with Community: Factors Affecting Residents’ Attitude and Preference

Leadership Dynamics in Community Garden Programs as an Agent of Community Building

A Community-based Cultural Landscape Study Method to Understand Cultural Landscapes

Understanding Attitudes and Perceptions for Civil War Battlefield Interpretive Images