Areas of Research

Using GeoDesign Framework To Promote Sustainability, Resilience and Regeneration

Socially responsible / Engaging / Leading / Interdisciplinary / Collaborative

Disturbances caused by global climate change, such as sea level rise and storm surge.

Disturbances to urban ecosystem, especially those caused by design activities.

Building smart infrastructure to reduce light pollution and increase perceptions of safety in designed nightscapes.

Planning and designing sustainable, resilient and regenerative places

Smart Application of Digital Technology

  • Modeling 3D space using imagery, point clouds, BIM, Google Earth API, and Hexacopter drone
  • Building smartphone applications for GeoDesign
  • Using social media (Twitter, Facebook) data to understand community
  • Using eye-tracking devices to understand human perception of spaces


  • Disturbance caused by global climate change and human disturbance to environment
  • Resilience¬†beyond sustainability
  • Regeneration by ecological design


  • Light pollution reduction by sustainable design
  • Understanding perceived safety of nightscape using eye-tracking devices

Feng Shui

  • Relation between Feng Shui and Ecology
  • Design with Feng Shui principles, an environmental knowledge-base developed over 4,000 years